The Alliance

As a woman owned and operated company, we are passionate about connecting with women and girls, and empowering them with the tools they need to become self-sufficient, independent and strong.

In starting our LOOK Fabulous SHARE Confidence collection we were committed to finding an organization that fit with our core values, as well as the customers and communities we serve. Back in 2012, Gennaro was invited to speak at a SWSG mentorship workshop. With an audience of 100 or so young professional women, we were reminded of our own paths—especially the women role models who guided us and shaped us into who we are today. Back at the office our team swapped stories about impactful mentors we all had and that powerful conversation was the tipping point for our company. We decided we needed to do something and give back. 

LOOK Fabulous SHARE Confidence is a socially-conscious on-trend jewelry line that inspires confidence in young girls and women. We donate 10% of our net profits to SWSG, giving a girl mentoring and the tools she needs to succeed. This has been a life-changing and exciting experience for all of us here at Gennaro. With our expertise in fashion design, product development and distribution, we are hoping to be able to reach thousands of women and girls and inspire them to both "LOOK Fabulous" and "SHARE Confidence."

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