Since 2009, I have been the president of Gennaro Inc.: a women-owned, women-operated retail jewelry company. I joined the company in 2002 and had to work myself up the ranks organically, making my fair share of mistakes along the way. Today, I am proud that my risk-taking has helped us grow to become a major jewelry player on the global stage with a showroom right on Fifth Avenue in New York. Of course, it hasn’t been easy. The jewelry business in Rhode Island — the jewelry district of the world — is known as an “old boys club.” It’s hard to break into. The competition is stiff. Turning a profit takes a long time. Clients are few and far between. But if my mother has taught me anything, it’s to break a glass ceiling when you see one. With her guidance, and a team of smart and fearless women, we’ve been able to create a successful company that’s truly thinking outside of the box and constantly taking risks.