In Your Own Words


Of our customers say the Gennaro Team is very professional.



Compared to our competitors, Gennaro's product quality is better.


Gennaro is able to solve their problems very well.



Our customers tell us that we are very responsive to their needs.


"Gennaro always has the most trend-right product at great prices! The team is knowledgeable of our customer and presents us with the right fashions for who that customer is."

“My favorite thing about Gennaro is the great development you all work on for us that ties back to our apparel for a cohesive story. Of course I also love how professional and easy to work with the team is.”

"My rep is the best rep ever!!"

My favorite thing about Gennaro is the way they come up with color stories. They always have new colors/beads/stones that feel fresh and relevant. I also enjoy working with their team! There is always someone able to respond to questions or needs I may have, whether I'm on east or west coast time!"

"BUT my real favorite part is working with you of course!"

"Great quality and Amazing customer service"