Our Services

Our end to end accessories business starts with forecasting and extends all the way through design, sourcing, manufacturing, and delivery, creating a seamless and turnkey experience for our retail partners. And because we have offices located in the same cities we manufacture in, we are able to maintain high levels of quality assurance for any accessory we produce.


Data Analytics & Market Intelligence  

Regular trend forecasting and data analytics inform the development of best in class selling assortments tailored to your specific end consumer and business needs, to drive sales and growth.

Infrastructure & Supply Chain

A supply chain that begins with in-house design, sourcing, operations, logistics and quality control teams in RI, and extends to manufacturing in China and distribution centers across the US, creating a seamless development and fulfillment process.

Designing, Planning & Merchandising

Our design and merchandising teams work together to create well crafted, quality designs and planograms to maximize sell-through using proven best practices and analytics from our best-selling data system. 

Competitive Shopping & Reporting

Our on-the-ground team reports weekly on competitive retail activity, weekend activity, fashion hits and events so you never miss a beat.